Call for Papers

Special issue on New Developments in Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems

This is a call for contributions to a special issue of Journal of Physics
A: Mathematical and Theoretical dedicated to the subject of the
'International Conference on Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems (SCCS), 29
July - 2 August 2008, Camerino, Italy'.
Participants of that meeting, as well as other scientists working in the
field, are invited to submit a research paper to this issue.

The Editorial Board has invited David Neilson (University of Camerino &
NEST, Pisa) and Gaetano Senatore (University of Trieste & Democritos
INFM-CNR) to serve as Guest Editors for the special issue. Their criteria
for acceptance of contributions are as follows:

•The subject of the paper should relate to the subject of the conference
(see list of session topics on the conference website:

•Contributions will be refereed and processed according to the usual
procedures and standards of the journal.

•Conference papers may be based on already published work but should
contain either (i) significant new results and/or insights or (ii) give a
survey of the present state of the art, a critical assessment of the
present understanding of a topic, and a discussion of open problems.
Each Registered participant can submit no more than one paper.

•Papers submitted by non-participants should be original and contain
substantial new results.

The guidelines for the preparation of contributions are the following:

•The DEADLINE for submission of contributions is 15 October 2008. This
deadline will allow the special issue to appear in May 2009.

•The journal page limits for papers are as follows: keynotes 13pp; invited
10pp; contributed 8pp; poster 4pp. Each registered participant can submit
no more than one paper. Papers from non-participants will have a page limit
of 10pp. For papers exceeding these limits, the Guest Editors reserve the
right to request a reduction in length. Further advice on publishing your
work in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical can be found at

•Contributions to the special issue should, if possible, be submitted
electronically by web upload at or by e-mail to, quoting 'JPhysA Special Issue—SCCS08'. Submissions should
ideally be in standard LaTeX form. Please see the website for further
information on electronic submissions.

•Authors unable to submit electronically may send hard copy contributions
to: Publishing Administrators, Journal of Physics A, Institute of Physics
Publishing, Dirac House, Temple Back, Bristol BS1 6BE, UK, enclosing the
electronic code on CD if available and quoting 'JPhysA Special
Issue—SCCS08'. All contributions should be accompanied by a read-me file or
covering letter giving the postal and e-mail addresses for correspondence.
The Publishing Office should be notified of any subsequent change of

•All submitters should specify whether (i) they are submitting a Conference paper
as or on the behalf of a registered participant or (ii) they are submitting a non-participant
paper. In the first case they should specify the name of the registered participant.
In all cases the submitter should specify the session topic
( to which the paper belongs.

•This special issue will be published in the paper and online version of
the journal. Each participant at the conference or (for non-participants)
the corresponding author of each contribution will receive a complimentary
copy of the issue.

David Neilson and Gaetano Senatore
Guest Editors