History of Conference

The Camerino conference will be the eleventh in this series of conferences. The previous conferences were.
1977: Orleans-la-Source, France, as a NATO Advanced Study Institute (organised by Marc Feix and Gabor J Kalman)
1982: Les Houches, France (hosted by Marc Baus and Jean-Pierre Hansen)
1986: Santa Cruz, California, USA (hosted by Forrest J Rogers and Hugh E DeWitt)
1989: Tokyo, Japan (hosted by Setsuo Ichimaru)
1992: Rochester, NY, USA (hosted by Hugh M Van Horn and Setsuo Ichimaru)
1995: Binz, Germany (hosted by Wolf Dietrich Kraeft and Manfred Schlanges)
1997: Boston, Massachusetts, USA (hosted by Gabor J Kalman)
1999: St Malo, France (hosted by Claude Deutsch and Bernard Jancovici)
2002: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (hosted by John F Benage and Michael S Murillo)
2005 Moscow, Russia (hosted by Vladimir E Fortov)
After 1995 the name of the series was changed from Strongly Coupled Plasmas to Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems to extend the topics of the conferences. The planned frequency is once every three years. The purpose of these conferences is to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of research accomplishments and ideas relating to a variety of plasma liquid and condensed matter systems, dominated by strong Coulomb interactions between their constituents. Strongly coupled Coulomb systems encompass diverse many-body systems and physical conditions. Each meeting has seen an evolution of topics and emphasis as new discoveries and new methods appear. The field is vibrant and challenging, driven by new experimental tools and access to new strongly coupled conditions, including developments in the areas of warm matter, dusty plasmas, condensed matter and ultra-cold plasmas.